A specific interest we have at The Trauma Center is in Neurofeedback. We ask for your help in undertaking a challenge match to raise the additional $200,000 necessary to cover the cost of completing this study. If the results of this child study are even remotely as positive as those of our recently completed adult study, the combination of these two studies will not only be game-changing for the traumatic stress field, but more importantly will establish an effective approach to help countless children and adults become functional members of society, including many of the more than 3 million new child maltreatment victims per year, a sizable percentage of whom prove to be non-responsive to traditional, talk-based psychotherapies. A well-done study is hoped to influence insurance companies to reimburse for this treatment--as currently almost no insurances do--which will result in more practitioners being trained and neurofeedback becoming more widely available to trauma survivors. Finally, studies such as these will allow us to create collaborative networks of basic neuroscientists and practitioners to work on gaining a greater understanding of ways to reverse the damage caused by early childhood deprivation, trauma and neglect.

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Your donation is entirely tax-deductible. The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


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