Free Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens

JRI received a federal grant allowing us to offer a short-term, evidenced-based and innovative behavioral intervention for adolescent clients struggling with substance use. The Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) and Assertive Continuing Care (ACC) is a non-punitive treatment model that is designed to teach adolescents (age 12-17) and their caregivers how to analyze problematic behavior and substance use and develop skills to reduce substance use, conflict, stress, and relapse.

The overall goal of the program is to help adolescents examine and actively reshape their lives through a focus on the activities, interests, talents, and relationships which are positively reinforcing; thereby replacing the need for the positive reinforcement that drugs can provide in the short-term and avoiding the negative consequences of substance use.

A-CRA, the first stage of the model, will consist of approximately 12-14 weeks of outpatient programming during which adolescents will learn essential skills in behavior analysis, communication, problem solving, self advocacy, substance refusal, and active participation in pro-social activities. Four of these sessions include the caregiver and require caregiver participation in order support the adolescent’s progress and enhance communication and problem solving skills. Randomized urine testing is also utilized in the model.

After completion of outpatient A-CRA, adolescents will transition into the community-based ACC program. ACC lasts approximately 12-14 weeks. Clinicians will work with adolescents in their community to maintain positive gains made during A-CRA and to provide support, outreach, and linkage to community supports and activities.

To download a brochure about this program, click here.

This SAMHSA-funded initiative is administered through our hub clinic, the Metrowest Behavioral Health Center in Acton, MA.

For more information, contact Jamie Wood Chiarelli, LICSW at 978-264-3500, ext. 3508.


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