Neurofeedback Staff at Trauma Center

Diana Martinez, MD, M.Sc.

Diana Martinez, MD, M.Sc. is a neurofeedback supervisor at the Trauma Center. She is a medical doctor with speciality in Neurological Rehabilitation and 15 years of experience helping severely brain injured patients in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, China, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras. She has developed an integrative intervention to rehabilitate neurological conditions that involves neurofeedback, neuromodulation and nutrition. Her experience led her to study the effects of neurofeedback in epilepsy. Currently she is also the CEO of Neocemod Neuromodulation Center, Mexico. Dr. Martinez also co-authored the first book in Spanish on neurofeedback.

Supervisor, Neurofeedback Clinic

Specialized Services Provided at the Trauma Center: Neurofeedback

Jackson Ravenscroft, MA Hons, LCSW

Ms. Ravenscroft received an MSW from Simmons College School of Social Work and is a Staff Clinician at the Trauma Center. She has worked clinically in residential, inpatient and emergency settings with children, adolescents and adults. She has also worked with HIV/AIDS impacted youth in West Africa and children impacted by homelessness in Boston. Ms. Ravenscroft has clinical and research interests in dissociative adaptions to trauma and in racism, poverty, oppression and other forms of socioeconomic trauma. Ms. Ravenscroft draws from strength-based, mindfulness and body-based treatments, traumatic stress neurobiology, Internal Family Systems and expressive art therapies.

Staff Clinician, Neurofeedback Coordinator

Specialized Services Provided at the Trauma Center: Trauma/Sexual Abuse Evaluation, Expressive Arts Therapy, ARC, TF-CBT, Neurofeedback

Ainat Rogel, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

Ainat received her Ph.D. in Computer-Science and Neurobiology from Hebrew University. She has worked in brain research at various places such as MIT, the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, and Hebrew Univerisity in Jerusalem. In the past few years she focused on neurofeedback research and clinical work at the Mental Health Center in Beer-Sheva, Israel and in Ben-Gurion University. In 2014, Ainat received her MSW from Simmons College and her LCSW shortly after. Currently, she is the coordinator for the Child-Biofeedback Research Study and is providing clinical neurofeedback at the Trauma Center. She is also working as a clinician at Arbour Outpatient Clinic in Jamaica Plain.

Research Staff

Janice Stubblefield-Tave, LICSW

A licensed clinical social worker, Janice has over 25 years of experience with child and adult trauma survivors, and has worked at the Trauma Center for thirteen years. In addition to providing individual therapy to children and adults, she facilitates groups. She was part of the original group of staff members who, seven years ago, set off on the adventure of learning and practicing Neurofeedback.

Staff Clinician, Senior Consultation Practice, Clinical Supervisor, VOCA Services

Specialized Services Provided at the Trauma Center: EMDR (Level II), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Treatment of Dissociation, ARC, PCIT, Trauma/Sexual Abuse Evaluation, Neurofeedback, SMART



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