Project Reach

Project REACH is a program that provides consultation and brief mental health services to trafficking victims throughout the United States. Project REACH is currently funded by the Office of Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, to provide services to pre-certified victims of human trafficking. We also provide technical assistance for post-certified victims of trafficking through a subcontract, with funding from HHS. The program has been in operation for six years and has served hundreds of victims of human trafficking, including victims of sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and other forms of labor trafficking. We have provided services to people from numerous countries in Africa, South and Central Americas and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Asia and Southeast Asia. We have provided over one hundred trainings on human trafficking and trauma throughout the U.S. Project REACH is a mobile crisis intervention team comprised of trauma specialists. We work to identify the acute psychosocial and psychological needs of trafficking victims and help local service providers meet these needs. Staff are available to travel to sites where human trafficking victims have been discovered to provide crisis-oriented mental health services, and to offer consultation services to local providers. Project REACH provides direct client services, as well as technical assistance and capacity-building among providers. In terms of direct client services, we are available to conduct psychosocial needs assessments with human trafficking victims, addressing each person’s unique needs. Our trauma specialists provide psycho-education and brief coping skills training with trafficking victims. We are also available to conduct trauma-focused psychological evaluations of human trafficking victims. These evaluations may be used to develop service plans for clients. They may also be used as part of a T-visa application, documenting the impact that the trafficking experience has had on an individual. Additionally, Project REACH provides case consultation to local health providers regarding individuals who have been trafficked, offering expertise on trauma and mental health to local providers. In terms of capacity-building, Project REACH offers trainings about trafficking and trauma. Project REACH works to train local service providers who will be working with specific trafficking victims about relevant issues, including basic information about trafficking and the psychological effects of trauma such as trafficking, concrete information about working with trafficking survivors (such as interviewing techniques), and information on culturally appropriate trauma-informed interventions with survivors of trafficking. For more information, or to request consultation, direct service, or training, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Hopper at (617) 232-1303 x211, or at

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