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Assessment Services

The Trauma Center provides specialized assessment services at our Brookline clinic. Justice Resource Institute is also able to offer evaluation services in a residential setting for adolescents and young adults. Additional fees apply. Our assessment services are available to local, regional and national clients on a self-pay basis only.

Trauma Focused Evaluation in a Residential Setting

In partnership with our sister agency, the van der Kolk Center at Glenhaven Academy, the Trauma Center is pleased to be able to offer its fully array of comprehensive evaluation and testing services within a pleasant and secure residential setting suitable for girls and young women aged 12 to 22. Click here for complete details of this new service offering.

Brief Master Case Consultation-(clinician-referred only)

Cost: $2,000
For: Most appropriate for stable, mature clients age 40 plus who have successfully maintained a long term treatment relationship, but who may have reached a "stuck" point or other critical juncture in treatment.
Referral: Clinician or self-referral.

Purpose: Focused-service for clients working with trauma-speciality clinicians. Designed to address a specific clinician-posed treatment question in effort to refine or enhance current services.

Service Components: Targeted two hour brief in-person consultation with client; one-hour telephone consultation with current provider; Trauma Center Developed questionnaire battery; and brief, two-page report including summary and treatment recommendations.

Conducted by: Select members of the Trauma Center's nationally recognized Senior Training Faculty.

For information about the Master Case Consultation, contact the Clinical Intake Coordinator at (617) 232-0687. Clinician referral only.


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Now Offering Intensive Residential Evaluation & Treatment Program for Girls and Boys aged 12-22


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