The Trauma Center

Residential Evaluation Program

The Trauma Center is pleased to offer trauma-focused evaluation and residential services through our 19-day placement program. Children, adolescents and young adults between 5-22 years of age are eligible to complete this program at either Glenhaven Academy, Walden Street School, Pelham Academy or Littleton Academy, four residential treatment programs of Justice Resource Institute.

The trauma-focused evaluation service will include developmental, familial, trauma and treatment history, projective and personality testing, strengths and resources assessment, records review, collateral evaluation and initial treatment planning. Other optional assessments will be available including neuropsychological testing, educational testing, and vocational assessment. Over the course of the program, clients will receive trauma-focused individual psychotherapy with emphasis on establishment of foundational affect regulation skills and internalization of coping skills. Each client will receive individualized educational as well as recreational programming including opportunities for horseback riding, dance lessons, art classes, music instruction, and yoga. As appropriate, clients will be integrated into all academic, milieu and group programming. Clients/caregivers, and primary therapists will receive a comprehensive evaluation report that includes clinical formulation and recommendations for ongoing care following discharge.

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about this service, please click here.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Carrigan at (508) 630-4022 or click here to email.

If you are interested in therapeutic services at one of our residential centers, please contact:

Aaron Luba at (508)-481-8077 x210 for the Glenhaven Academy.

Michelle Vaughan at (978) 369-7611 for the Walden Street School.

Shanna Meyer at (781) 274-6800 for Pelham Academy.

Stpehen Rose at (952) 6809 x201 for Littleton Academy.

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