Psychological First Aid and Trauma Response

Psychological First Aid, PFA, is a part of a Trauma Response Plan that provides immediate assistance in the aftermath of a traumatic event. PFA is provided on an individual basis, immediately following a traumatic event. The goal of PFA is to ensure immediate and long term adaptive functioning. This includes assurance of an immediate connection, provision of comfort and safety, assistance to meet immediate needs, gathering of information, connection with social suports, education around the impact of trauma, and development of immediate coping plans. PFA is provided by those trained to respond to immediate traumas and crisis situations.

A significant part of Traumatic Response is also preventative care, which includes self care and resilience. This model also works to discuss and implement strategies for self care and body care as a daily experience to ensure the body is better prepared to manage a traumatic event in the future.

We provide full day trainings that include PFA and Preventative Care. Please contact Kari Beserra at for more information.


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