Video: Psychiatric Medications Through The Trauma Lens
Featuring Frank Guastella Anderson, M.D.

The Trauma Center at JRI is very pleased to present our premier DVD production, featuring TC-JRI faculty member, Dr. Frank Guastella Anderson. This video presentation of one of our most popular workshops discusses medications for PTSD, dissociation, and associated symptoms, for both children and adults. Non-prescribing clinicians will gain greater understanding of the role of medication in addressing the biological substrates of trauma response, and different goals of various medication categories; psychopharmacologists will learn about the latest research from an expert in the field. This presentation also includes an overview of alternatives to traditional treatments as well as medications that are being newly developed for trauma.

This 2-DVD series, with total running time of 2 hours, 33 minutes, is now available for $64.95, plus shipping.

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About the Presenter:

Frank Guastella Anderson, M.D. has a lengthy affiliation with the Trauma Center at JRI as a supervisor, faculty member, and past staff psychiatrist. Dr. Guastella Anderson completed his medical training at Rush University Medical School in Chicago, with internship at Framingham Union Hospital and Residency at Massachusetts Mental Health Center/Harvard Medical School, where he was also an attending psychiatrist. Dr. Guastella Anderson has conducted numerous workshops on the psychopharmacological treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and complex trauma adaptations. Currently, Dr. Guastella Anderson is in private practice in Concord, MA.

Comments from past participants in Dr. Anderson's workshops:

  • “Great presenter; I appreciate the most current updates with research.”  -LMHC
  • “Excellent depth of knowledge.”  -M.D.
  • “Very, very helpful and enjoyable.”  -Ph.D.
  • “Comprehensive information; clear, receptive to questions, and knowledgeable.” -Psy.D.
  • “Excellent speaker – excellent seminar for non-prescribing practitioners.” – (degree not given)
  • “Interesting presentation, helpful frame to consider underlying neurotransmitter…vs. a focus on specific medications.” -Ph.D.
  • “Frank was incredibly engaging, clear, and adept at making complex concepts understandable.” -Ph.D.
  • “Good synthesis of biology, psychopharm, and practical application.” -M.D.
  • “Please do this again!” -MSW

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PLEASE NOTE: This video is sold out.

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