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Provided below are links to pre-print and publication versions of recent and classic research and clinical publications by Bessel van der Kolk and his colleagues from the Trauma Center. Unless otherwise specified, these manuscripts may be downloaded or printed for individual use, as well as limited group distribution in the context of classroom teaching in recognized undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate education settings. All other forms of bulk distribution or reproduction, including posting of these articles on public or private websites, is strictly prohibited. Sale of these publications is strictly prohibited. Unless otherwise specified within the body of a particular publication, all requests for article reproduction, including in edited books, educational syllabi packets, or web-based compendia, should be directed to Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Executive Director of the Trauma Center:

Treatment of Child & Adolescent Complex Trauma in Residential Care Settings: Articles by Trauma Center and JRI Faculty Featured in 2013 Special Issue of the Journal of Family Violence.

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Developmental Trauma Disorder

Trauma and Youth Violence Treatment Outcome and Program Evaluation Research

Articles Featured in the Journal of Traumatic Stress
Special Issue on Complex Trauma

Articles Featured in the Psychiatric Annals
Special Issue on Child Complex Trauma

Yoga Articles

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The following two articles (in one PDF file) can be used to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits through The Hatherleigh Company. They are Lesson Numbers 25 & 26 from Directions in Psychiatry, 2001, Volume 21.

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