Faculty Expertise for Your Agency

Trauma Center at JRI faculty are available to provide in-service training, consultation, and conference presentations on a variety of topics. We can work with you to design tailored training programs ranging from 1-2 hour in-service topics for local agencies, to more intensive training and consultation projects supporting whole-system transformation. We have over 20 faculty members available with a wide variety of areas of expertise in the field of traumatic stress; combined, our faculty have provided well over 10,000 hours of training and consultation.

If you are interested in obtaining onsite training/consultation for your agency or system, or in booking a Trauma Center at JRI faculty member for a conference, and would like to speak further with a training division administrator, please complete this form; we will follow up with you to respond to specific questions or to schedule a time to speak.

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Trauma Center at JRI Training

TC-JRI Faculty and treatment developers are available to support your agency in integrating innovative and proven intervention approaches for complex traumatic stress. The process typically involves a combination of training and consultation, designed with the needs and goals of your agency in mind.

In addition to specific intervention approaches, TC-JRI faculty are able to provide in-service workshops, conference presentation, tailored training and consultation, and organizational support on the range of topics relevant to traumatic stress. Representative topics appear below. Please contact us to discuss your agency, system, or conference goals in greater detail.

Sample Training Topics

  • Understanding and Intervening with Dissociative Clients
  • Developmental Impact of Training
  • Complex Trauma Assessment and Treatment (Child and Adult)
  • Vicarious Traumatization, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Self-Care for Providers
  • Building and Sustaining a Trauma-Informed System
  • Topics related to Human Trafficking (domestic and international)