Training and Education Program

The Training Department at the Trauma Center at JRI offers workshops for a wide variety of mental health clinicians, educators, child welfare staff, and professionals who serve in allied fields supporting the needs of trauma-impacted youth. In a society that is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of chronic adversity, it is our mission to serve as a resource for those seeking to understand the impact of individual, familial, and cultural trauma. Our senior training faculty has trained over 20,000 mental health providers in the past five years, including local, statewide, national, and international forums. We believe that all individuals and groups have the ability to thrive with support and intervention, and that the goal of trauma-informed care is for youth and adults to develop their full potential to engage in meaningful relationships and life goals.

Our training department offers seminars and consultation designed to equip professionals in how to better understand and meet the needs of youth and adults impacted by developmental trauma, and the Trauma Center at JRI provides expertise on a range of topics related to the emotional, interpersonal, cognitive, and neurobiological impact of chronic, childhood trauma exposure. We prioritize enhancing community-based capacity to provide high quality trauma services through our training and consultation initiatives. Trainings include topics such as:

  • Developmental impact of childhood trauma: behavioral, emotional, physiological, and interpersonal adaptations connected to chronic trauma
  • The Neurobiology of Trauma LAMP training (Law enforcement, Advocates, Mental Health professionals, and Prosecutors)
  • Vicarious trauma and self-care for service providers
  • School-based approaches to supporting trauma-impacted youth
  • Systemic & milieu-based approaches to the treatment of traumatic stress
  • Evidence-based practices for child/adolescent trauma treatment
  • Collaborative interventions with caregivers of traumatized children


In addition to training, the Trauma Center at JRI offers ongoing consultation to agencies, schools, or departments in the application of trauma-informed care concepts to practice. Implementing and sustaining trauma-informed practices in a manner that targets whole systems is the gold standard when seeking to support trauma-impacted youth and communities, and such systemic change is most successful when there is support at the leadership level. Our team is equipped to provide consultations focused on the needs of leaders who seek to implement new practices and policies based in the understanding of trauma-informed care.

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